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Pre-Bid Questions and Answers

Welcome to The CT DOT Questions and Answers website for advertised construction projects!

The purpose of this website is to allow contractors/bidders to present pre-bid questions related to DOT construction projects that are advertised for bid. This site is NOT meant for the expression of “general public” opinion, commenting, debating, and/or questions that are not related to a particular project for the purpose of bidding.

Questions should focus on the technical aspects of the contract plans, specifications, bid documents and requirements. General administrative type questions, such as, “where can I find the plans and specifications for this project”, should be asked outside of the Q and A website by contacting the DOT Contracts Unit directly. Questions will be posted for public view once they are vetted by the Department. Responses will follow.

Questions pertaining to DOT advertised construction projects must be presented through the CTDOT Pre-Bid Q and A Website. The Department cannot guarantee that all questions will be answered prior to the bid date. PLEASE NOTE - at 9:00 am Monday (i.e. typical Wednesday Bid Opening) the project(s) being bid will be closed for questions, at which time questions can no longer be submitted through the Q and A Website.

Answers may be provided by the Department up to 12:00 noon, the day before the bid. At this time, the Q and A for those projects will be considered final, unless otherwise stated and/or the bid is postponed to a future date and time to allow for further questions and answers to be provided.

If a question needs to be asked the day before the bid date, please contact the Contracts Unit staff and email your question to immediately.

Contractors must identify their company name, contact person, contact email address and phone number when asking a question. The email address and phone number will not be made public.

The questions and answers (if any) located on the Q and A Website are hereby made part of the bid/contract solicitation documents (located on the State Contracting Portal), and resulting contract for the subject project(s). It is the bidder’s responsibility to monitor, review, and become familiar with the questions and answers, as with all bid requirements and contract documents, prior to bidding. By signing the bid proposal and resulting contract, the bidder acknowledges receipt of, and agrees to the incorporation of the final list of Q and A, into the contract document.

Contractors will not be permitted to file a future claim based on lack of receipt, or knowledge of the questions and answers associated with a project. All bidding requirements and project information, including but not limited to contract plans, specifications, addenda, Q and A, Notice to Contractors, etc., are made public on the State Contracting Portal and/or the CTDOT website.

Reminders and Instructions on How to Submit a Pre-Bid Question

  1. Please review and become familiar with all contract bid documents (plans, specifications, addenda, special provisions, schedule of items, Notice to Contractors, etc.) available for download on the State Contracting Portal. Link -
  2. Please read all existing project questions to eliminate duplicate questions.
  3. Submit/ask one question at a time in the “question text box”. DO NOT ask multiple questions on different subject matter in the “question text box”. The system will prompt you to ask another question for that project, or click “done”.
  4. Complete all required fields when entering a question or the question will not be submitted.
  5. Please present questions clearly. Be specific in asking your question. Be sure to reference page numbers, item numbers, plan sheet numbers, etc. where applicable.

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